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Patient Assistance

Sliding FeeCar Seat ProgramPrescription Assistance Program340B ProgramMainecare Application
Offers reduced fees on services at HAN to all patients and families that qualify
We distribute infant, toddler and booster seats to income-eligible families as well as those who have children with special needs. Those interested in receiving a seat must show proof of financial need such as MaineCare, WIC, or CHIP, childcare assistance or Head Start enrollment to receive each seat.
Patient assistance program that helps patients who have no prescription coverage to receive free and reduced prescription expense. MaineCare recipients are ineligible and most with prescription coverage are also ineligible. Patients with high deductibles may qualify if approved by the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture the medicine
Health Access Network also participates in the SunRx 340b program. Ask about it at your next visit.
Assistance to complete Mainecare application and answer questions regarding the program.